2 X 2 = 5 (7 Artists / 7 Books)

22 October, 1999

(October 1999-June 2000)

Interventions in the Robafaves bookshop window, Mataró. Series directed by Manuel Guerrero. Participants:

Jordi Esteva with the book entitled Viaje al país de las almas by Jordi Esteva and presented by Òscar Fontrodona and Safaa Fathy.

Antoni Llena with the book entitled La gana de l’artista by Antoni Llena and presented by José Carlos Cataño and Montse Gispert

Frederic Amat with the book entitled Incendis by Frederic Amat and Vicenç Altaió and presented by Rosa Maria Malet and Martí Peran

Antoni Tàpies with the book entitled L’art i els seus llocs by Antoni Tàpies presented by Antoni Marí and Perejaume

Jordi Folgado Illa with the book entitled L’instant de la meva mort by Maurice Blanchot presented by Arnau Pons and Joan Puigdefàbregas

Dani Montlleó with the book entitled Viatge al fons de la nit by L.F. Céline presented by Estanislau Vidal-Folch and Pilar Bonet

Joan Fontcuberta with the book entitled Zonas de penumbra by Joan Fontcuberta presented by Francesc Garriga and Martí Peran